Dec. 2 : Pampering at Q+K Rocks Providence (2017 Edition)!

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To help in planning your evening, a guide to the services available at Q+K Rocks Providence:

Bootblack Station 
with Shining Boy and Jay Bosbootblack
Open 8pm to Midnight


It’s a lot of fun to visit the bootblack station. Not to mention that afterwards, your boots, shoes or other items will look positively fabulous.

We’re thrilled to have experienced bootblacks Shining Boy and Jay Bosbootblack join us for the event. Some of you may remember them as panelists/mentors from our Pub Night…with Bootblacking event in 2015.

 Before the event, think about what items you might want to bring. Our bootblacks will work on not just boots and shoes but also a variety of other items, such as  jackets, vests, chaps, collars, cuffs and more. In addition to leather, bootblacks can care for a variety of materials. Ask Shining Boy if you would like care for vegan/manmade items. 

Foot Massage Station
with P.E.T.E
Open 8pm to midnight

Photo thanks to Piper/

There’s nothing like a great foot massage to start off the evening right. Or get a pick-me-up mid-evening. Or soothe your tired feet later in the night. Sink into a chair,  relax, and let P.E.T.E. give your feet some TLC. 


Tipping Guide To take any potential anxiety out of the tipping situation, we’re making some suggestions. These are just suggestions.

Please tip according to what you can afford, and what you feel is fair for the time spent on your feet or items! 

  • Bootblacks: $5-$20+ per item. For example, $5-$10 for shoes,  $10-$20 for ankle-high boots, and $15-$20 for knee-high boots. More for more time-intensive projects, such as leather pants or trench coats.
  • Foot massage: $5 to $20.

Staff are generously splitting their tips 50-50 with Q+K, to help us pay for this special event while keeping ticket prices reasonable.

Bios of our Staff
Jay Bosbootblack Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jay was introduced to boot blacking at a young age in Puerto Rico.  In his early teens he was a member of a Police Academy for young adults. Among other things, part of the training at the academy included boot blacking. 

He began his public blacking in 2011 and quickly developed a well deserved reputation for excellence, attention to detail, and superb technical skills.  It was these qualities that earned him the titles of 2011 and 2012 Northeast Community Bootblack, 2012 International Community Bootblack 1st runner up.  He is the resident bootblack of the Providence Eagle and yet, still finds the time to travel to, and black at different events throughout New England such as, Mates Leather Weekend in Provincetown, Cruisers bar nights in Connecticut, NELA’s Fetish Flea Market in Rhode Island, Albany Bound in New York, and Centaur’s Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend in DC and CLAW. Jay was even approached and asked by the manager of the Frye Boot Company on exclusive Newbury St in Boston to provide services to the patrons of the store, which he now does when he is not otherwise booked.  

A member of the leather community since 1990, Jay is also a member of The Bay State Marauders, Fits Like a Glove (FLAG), and Mama’s Family.   He also produces and tirelessly promotes many of the Eagle’s Leather Event nights. Last year, Jay coordinated the leather contingent at Pride fest Rhode Island, bringing many of the area’s leather clubs and organizations together to march as one. Jay along with Roy, his handsome, charming, partner of fourteen years, make their home in Boston Massachusetts.    

P.E.T.E. Generally awesome. Bio coming soon! 

Shining_Boy  has been actively involved in kink for 12 years. He has been Bootblacking for five years, after taking a class held by NELA and wanting to learn more. He is a Bootblack in the Boston area and shines for charity some large regional events. Tinkering and trying new things with leather care is his passion as well doing full restorations boots or shoes. On Fetlife he is shining_boy, if you see lots of pictures of boots you’ve found the right guy. 🙂

Zander  began exploring BDSM and kink in 2008. Being ridiculously switchy at my core, polyamorous, and queer (other labels that could apply: pansexual, homoflexible), my needs and desires can fluctuate with the best of them. I wouldn’t call myself submissive or dominant but that’s not to say that I don’t have those tendencies. I’m also service-oriented – but not in the sense that I do windows. I like being useful to those who don’t take that for granted, either as a top or a bottom!

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