‘Rocks’ FAQ: Registration and Online Payment

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To make it easy for everyone, here’s answers to your Q+K Rocks PVD (2017 Edition!) registration and online payment questions! Any other questions, email us at queerandkinkysig@gmail.com

Where do I register?

Here. **HOWEVER, if you got an email with ‘VIP link’ in the subject line, please use the VIP link, not the one above.**

Wait, the links are actually different?

Yes. The VIP link lets you skip vetting questions, and also saves us a chunk of time since you’re approved and registered automatically. You can also breeze a guest past the vetting process. Doubly sweet!

Hey. Why do some people get VIP links?

Mostly because they attended this event last year, or other similar events over the years that Q+K leaders have been involved in running. If you attended last year and didn’t get a VIP invite, it’s probably in your spam filter. Or we made a mistake…just email us, and we’ll send you one.

What is the vetting?

We ask you several quick and easy questions, and ask for references. If you don’t have any references in the queer community or local Boston scene, we suggest you show up at a few scene events, like munches, and get to know people.

How do I know if my registration is complete?

You will receive an email from us saying you are confirmed for the event. At the end of the email, you’ll find a password-protected link with address and party rules. If you do not receive this email, you are not on the door list and will not be admitted to the event. Same goes for your guests. **We must confirm each person, in advance, or that person will not be admitted.**

When will you close registration for the event?

We will close registration at noon on Friday Dec. 1, or when we sell out, whichever comes first. If you didn’t attend last year’s Q+K Rocks PVD, please fill out your registration form as soon as you can so we have time to vet you. We will try to vet you as quickly as we can, but we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to do so if you apply after noon on Monday Nov. 27.

Can I buy tickets online? Yes! Purchasing in advance gets you a $5 discount over the cash door price, plus guarantees your seat in the workshop.We use NELA’s online store which accepts MC and VISA, but not Amex. Online ticket sales will close at 6pm Friday, Dec. 1. 

So what’s all this about ‘you must pay in advance for the spanking workshop’?

The workshop room holds only 48 people, maybe 50 if we squeeze tight. So you MUST pay online for your ticket if you want to guarantee a spot. When there’s no more space, the ‘whole shebang’ ticket category will be marked sold out and only ‘party only’ tickets will be available. Once you’ve paid for your ticket, you’re confirmed and we’ll save you a seat in the workshop!

Do I need to give my real name for online payment?

Yes, same as when you buy tickets for the Flea or other NELA events. However, at the door, only the name you gave us, and your FL name, will be on the list used by our volunteers to check you in. If you have a common name, ie. Anne, and we have more than one person with that name, we’ll either use your FL name to distinguish you ie. Anne-SexyGeek, or we’ll contact you to work out a way to better identify you at the door..

How do I know if my online payment went through?

You’ll get a confirmation email from NELA. I won’t have record of your payment immediately, as I get reports every couple weeks.

Why is there a choice of prices?

It’s a sliding scale. We want to keep the event affordable to a wide range of incomes. However, we have a lot of expenses–the Club rental, presenter fees, renting a truck to transport equipment, some dungeon equipment rental etc. and we are really hoping to break even, or within a stone’s throw if it. **Please pay at the highest pay scale you can comfortably afford!**

Do you give refunds?

Sorry, but no. You can, however, sell your ticket(s) to another vetted attendee up to a week before the event. Just make sure the people getting the tickets are registered, and write us and let us know to transfer your payment to them.

Can I pay cash at the door?

Yes, if you received an email stating you’ve been confirmed for the event you will be on the door list, and admitted. We take only cash at the door, and price will be $5 more than the online prices.

Do I need to bring a ticket or proof of payment to the event?

No. We will have your information at the door, and if you’ve paid, the door list will reflect that. Just introduce yourself by the name you gave us. I’ll be sending out emails in the week before the event confirming the name we have for you, payment status and the info ink with address and rules etc.

Will you check IDs at the door?

Yes, this is an 18+ event. You need to be able to show us a legal ID with your age on it if we ask.

Can I volunteer for the event, and does that get me a discount?

Yes! We offer $10 off the event price for an hour of volunteering. Free admission is available for a small number of ‘super volunteers’ who work 2+ hours…many are working way more than two. 😉 Response to the call for volunteers has been great (thank you everyone!) so as of now the only spots we have available are for the clean-up shift. **Please sign up for the clean-up shift!** I have this fantasy of breezing through it and floating home on a post party high….;-)

If I volunteer for the event, will you save me a seat in the workshop?

If you are working two hours or more, you are a super volunteer and we will save you a seat…you don’t have to pay. If you are working one hour, you do need to buy your ticket–however we will send you a coupon code for $10 off.

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